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Copper Sulphate
Chemical Formula : CuSO4 5H2O
Description :
A bright blue triclinic crystal.
Chemical Analysis :
Parameters   Our Standard
Assay as CuSO4.5H2O % m/m 98.2 % m /m min.
Total Copper content as 'Cu' % m/m 25.0 % m /m min.
Matter insoluble in water % m/m 0.1 % m /m max.
pH of 5 % solution Not less than 3.0
Iron as 'Fe' ppm 1000 ppm max.
Lead as 'Pb' ppm 50 ppm max.
Arsenic as 'As' ppm 10 ppm max.
Cadmium as 'Cd' ppm 10 ppm max.
Chloride as 'Cl' ppm 300 ppm max.
Uses : 1.         Agriculture :   Technical Grade Fungicide used for making of Bordeaux Mixture
2. Industrial : It is largely used as Textile mordant and also used in Electroplating and dyes.
Packing :LDPE lined HDPE bags of 25 kgs. As per customer's requirement in bulk bag up to 1 MT in big sacks.
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